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 Halo ODST [Review]

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PostSubject: Halo ODST [Review]   Halo ODST [Review] I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2012 1:22 am



This review was written on Thursday, December 30th, 2010
Reposted on June 24th, 2012

Basic Information:
Halo ODST: A bridge of the Xbox 360 series between the time frame of the other halo games, in which you control not a spartan, but an ODST soldier and search a fallen city and as you travel through the city, regain memories and battle in intense combat. [Rated M for Mature]

Boxart: Halo ODST [Review] 20090612133345Halo_3_ODST_Box_Art

Average Completion Time:
6-10 Hours

I wasn't even going to originally play this game, let alone buy it. I was convinced by a friend who told me it was a "stupendous game experience of kick-ass proportions". For the most part I must say, he was right... very right.

In my opinion this game had the strongest storyline of the entire Halo series, you are no longer a super spartan like in the other halo games, you are a human ODST soldier, you have been dropped in a desolate city in which you must find clues and fight through remaining forces while experiencing intense flashbacks of brutal combat (which you get to play in). It's a wonderful experience plot-wise.

The Verdict:
The Pros:
+Pretty good replay value.
+The addition of the new firefight mode not only adds to its replay value but along with this it boosts the fun factor and gives multi-player a new meaning in the Halo series.
+The soundtrack is simply beautiful, it gives me a feeling which music almost never gives me, feeling, i feel into the game when i hear this soundtrack, kudos to the amazing sound producers, you have successfully made my favorite video game soundtrack of all time.
+The extra challenge posed by having to gather health packs and having to fight more strategically makes the game a pretty good challenge (not like the extremely easy waste that was Halo 3 IMO)
+The game's atmosphere is extremely engaging and draws you in, put on headphones, turn off your lights and you WILL feel like you are that ODST soldier fighting for your life. (I must recommend getting one of those amazing gaming chairs as well, the ones that vibrate and move with the game).
+The addition of an enemy tracking by pressing a button in dark areas was a very good addition, combined with the flashlight it eliminates a lot of the stress that was caused in the earlier halo games.
+Very nice plot with intense combat via flashback scenes. (With the exception of the ending)

-Unfortunately the games campaign was short, short enough to be noted, I really do wish it was a lot longer. (I beat it in 6 hours on Legendary).
-Occasional loading glitches (Might lag for a second)
-Lag issues with explosions
-Typical Halo ending (Escaping on a ship from a massive explosion with some kind of enemy information)

Overall Rating:
9.2/10 (92/100)
(Best atmosphere and soundtrack of any video game I have ever played, it evicted emotion and the true feeling of being lost in a desolate city wasteland. However lag issues, a campaign butchered in length and a typical ending style made this game not quite the perfect experience, but pretty damn close.)

Halo ODST [Review] ODST_012
Halo ODST [Review] ODST_034
Halo ODST [Review] ODST_043
Halo ODST [Review] ODST_058
Halo ODST [Review] ODST_075

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Halo ODST [Review]
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