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 Blaze: Path To Becoming A Master: Chapter 3

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Blaze: Path To Becoming A Master: Chapter 3 Empty
PostSubject: Blaze: Path To Becoming A Master: Chapter 3   Blaze: Path To Becoming A Master: Chapter 3 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 4:14 am

This is a pokemon fan-fiction that I have always wanted to write, simply because pokemon is fucking awesome, and I love writing xD. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. I'll write and post chapter 4 very soon. Feel free to give any comments / critique.

Chapter 3: Viridian City

Jennifer: Hurry up Blaze!

Blaze: Don't rush me! *Grabs his backpack and runs out with Poochyena* So off to Viridian City!

Zack: We need to establish something right now... we cannot trust anyone outside of our group, no matter what they tell us.

Jennifer: We know ^_^

Blaze: I'm getting old here >_>

Zack: Alright let's go

Narrator: They started walking down the short grassy path that marked the entrance of Route 1, although for odd reasons there were no pokemon in the habitats around, no bird, bug or normal pokemon anywhere to be seen. It was just a desolate boring path with nothing but short grass and trees that stretched off to the east and west quite a distance. After

Jennifer: Hey look! *points* we're almost to Viridian.

Blaze: I hate having to go through those damn Rocket Checkpoints -_-

Zack: Just calm down, look, if you can't even keep your temper down at a checkpoint, how do you even expect to keep your cool in a battle.

Announcer: *Is at the checkpoint* you three, hurry up and go into the check-in station building.

Narrator: Zack, Jennifer and Blaze walked into the building which was a small compact station, the air was stifling and stuffy, with metal bars lining the windows and dim lighting casting a roughly carved shadow over the metal scanners that lay overhead.

Machine Announcer: Welcome Traveler or Travelers, please proceed through the gate and you will be automatically scanned for any weapons or contraband.

Narrator: They walked through the machine scanner and out of the building into Viridian City, which reeked worse than the check-in station, with trash littered about the now concrete ground, new buildings tarnished with graffiti and people sitting on street corners without a shred of emotion.

Blaze: Ever since Team Rocket came over... all these new buildings they've made people build have really taken the life out of this place... It's no wonder this is just an industrial town now.

Zack: I think we should stop at the Poke Mart and get some Pokeballs.

Narrator: The three of them walk into a Poke Mart, which just consisted of several shelves and a robot at the counter.

Mart Robot: What can I get you today?

Zack: *takes out some yen* I'll have 30 pokeballs, 15 potions and 3 revives.

Jennifer: Why so much?

Blaze: Because we're gonna need a lot of supplies, we each have to form our own team. But how are you going to pay for all that, that's a lot of money.

Zack: My father is a Rocket Executive, being the..... good boy that I am, I have a rather decent allowance.

Mart Robot: *hands them the items, which are all incredibly small*

Blaze: *Attaches the pokeballs to his belt* Sweet, 10 pokeballs around my belt. I probably won't even need the other 5 though, i'll catch my whole team on first try!

Jennifer: *Puts all her items in her backpack* Good luck with that

Blaze: Hey that's mean >_>

Zack: Shush *points at the tv*

Newsreporter: Breaking news, Team Rocket has recently closed the Elite Four challenge, due to the revolting of the previous members. Lance, Lorelei, Bruno and Agatha have all been tried with treason against Team Rocket and have been sentenced to public execution. We will be streaming live footage from the event later this evening.

Blaze: *mumbles* those bastards... why are they executing heroes...

Zack: There's nothing that can be done for them now, they tried and failed.

Jennifer: How are we supposed to accomplish anything if they couldn't.

Blaze: ...

Zack: They charged in, relying too much on arrogance caused by their skills. If they had worked under the sidelines together, they might have stood a chance.

Jennifer: Let's just get to Pewter... this whole town is making me sick.

Narrator: They walk out of the mart, and as they do, an old man sitting on the corner tugs on Zack's jeans.

Old Man: Spare some yen for some food?

Zack: *kneels down* sure *hands him some yen* Hey... you used to be the old man who lived up by the house near the edge of Viridian right, what happened.

Old Man: Couldn't pay the new taxes added on when the Rockets took over, I got kicked out... If only Red were alive.

Zack: ... *gives him some extra yen* Go treat yourself and stay in a hotel tonight, you've been through enough.

Old Man: Oh thank you! *he hobbles off, the aura of drying alcohol on his breath*

Jennifer: Poor old man..

Blaze: *Sees a glow* huh....? *runs off towards the glow and it leads onto the route going west, away from both the check in station and the route to Pewter.

Jennifer: BLAZE WHERE ARE YOU GOING *runs after him*

Zack: *sighs and follows calmly*

Blaze: *stops and picks up a small, golden necklace with an onyx black gem in the center of it* What is this..

Jennifer: All that running for a necklace... >_> Come on we have to get to Pewter.

Zack: That could go for a lot of money you know.

Blaze: *puts it on and tucks it in his shirt* ya... Come on let's go

Narrator: They take a shortcut and cut through some bushes to reach the route quicker, as they start heading up the pathway, they notice it starts to get darker.

Zack: I think we should head back to Viridian City, we're only a quarter of the way down the path and it's gonna take us at least a couple hours to reach Pewter. I don't think we feel like quickening our pace at all now do we?

Jennifer: He's right.. Let's head back

Blaze: Ok...

Narrator: As Zack and Jennifer start walking towards Viridian, Blaze notices a ghost-like figure floating over trees in the distance giving off a black aura with demonic deep blue eyes and a sinister energy that even Blaze could feel.


Blaze: *Turns around* YA HOLD ON, JUST CATCHING MY BREATH *Turns back around and the figure is gone* .... Must have been my imagination *Walks off with Zack and Jennifer*

Narrator: They reach the Viridian Rocket Hotel, a new building constructed shortly after the takeover. The inside was clean, filled with people all wearing pro-rocket clothing and rocket members themselves.

Blaze: Makes me sick...

Rocket Attendant: Hello! Can I help you three with anything?

Zack: Ya we would like three rooms please.

Blaze: *Whispers to Jennifer* I thought you two would be sharing a room?

Jennifer: N-no *turns red* >_>

Rocket Attendant: Follow me, we have a surplus amount of rooms tonight

Narrator: Blaze, Jennifer and Zack follow the attendant and they reach Zack's room first.

Zack: Night *kisses Jennifer*

Jennifer: Night *kisses back* Razz

Zack: *walks into his room*

Rocket Attendant: *points at two rooms adjacent to each other* You two can choose any two rooms you like, I hope you have a pleasant night, just ring the front desk if you need anything *walks away*

Jennifer: Night Razz *walks into one of the rooms*

Blaze: Good night Razz *walks into his room and just sprawls in bed* Ahh... Poochyena we've had quite a day haven't we.

Poochyena: *is already curled up to Blaze and is sound asleep*

Blaze: Heh... *lays head back and thinks* I really hope I can make a difference... I hope it won't be a big waste... I will change the world, I promise myself I won't stop until I do.

Narrator: He falls asleep, with the wind gently gliding through the room.

End of Chapter 3

Look Forward to Chapter 4

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Blaze: Path To Becoming A Master: Chapter 3
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