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 Blaze: Path To Becoming A Master: Chapter 1

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Blaze: Path To Becoming A Master: Chapter 1 Empty
PostSubject: Blaze: Path To Becoming A Master: Chapter 1   Blaze: Path To Becoming A Master: Chapter 1 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 4:10 am

This is a pokemon fan-fiction that I have always wanted to write, simply because pokemon is fucking awesome, and I love writing xD. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. I'll write and post chapter 2 very soon. Feel free to give any comments / critique.

Chapter 1: Starting the Journey

Narrator: Seven thirty in the morning, the crimson red sun starts to change into a brighter shade as it rises from it's slumber, the brisk dusk over Pallet Town slowly comes to a close as daylight reaches the ground.

???: mmm..... *wakes up and stretches* ahh... *gets out of bed* another boring morning... *stands up*

Narrator: He stumbles out of bed and makes his way over to his window and stares at his reflection.

???: *Thinks to himself* what am I.... I'm 17... I've done nothing for this world... Does my name Blaze mean nothing.

Narrator: He strolled lazily downstairs, to his empty living room, just as desolate and barren as the rest of the rooms in his one bedroom house.

Blaze: *looks out his window* huh... *throws on a collared maroon button shirt and some black jeans*

Narrator: A small Poochyena with a scar on his eye and a small cut on his leg is running with a limp towards the village. Two men with knives are running after it.



Blaze: Crap *runs outside and grabs the poochyena and it hides its head in Blaze's arms*

Narrator: The men stop, and they glare at Blaze, their balding heads reflecting the sunlight, while Blaze's jet black hair seems to just absorb the sunlight and his green eyes contrast with the powerful beams of light.

Man 1: Hand that mutt over, it's property of the government now.

Blaze: So you can kill it? Tough luck.

Man 2: You're already on tabs with us, you're Blaze aren't you? An orphan who makes his money working at the Viridian City Pokemart, no friends, no life, you're just one of the people who run this world from behind without any ambition.

Blaze: At least I have dignity.

Man 2: *Runs at Blaze with the knife* YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!

Narrator: Suddenly a vine comes out of nowhere and whips the knife out of the man's hand.

Man 2: What the... Professor Oak?

Narrator: An old man of now 73, he stands leaning slightly on a walking cane with a Bellsprout by his side.

Professor Oak: Don't hurt the boy... leave peacefully please, we mean no harm.

Man 1: Let's just go... Blaze isn't worth our knives anyway...

Man 2: Pfft...You're right, let's blow this waste.

Narrator: They walk off onto the path leading to Route 101, their backs turned and their pride slightly intact.

Blaze: .... Why did I...

Professor Oak: Come with me Blaze *He walks into his laboratory*

Blaze: *Follows*

Professor Oak: Bell could you find my old crate for me.

Narrator: The bellsprout uses its vines to pull out a dusty crate from underneath one of the desks and opens up the crate. A lot of dust flies out.

Professor Oak: Do you like stories Blaze?

Blaze: Got nothing better to do?

Professor Oak: *laughs* ahh... you're the same as always.

Narrator: He takes a potion, a small red device and 5 pokeballs out of the crate.

Blaze: ...?

Professor Oak: *Sits down and puts the items on the table next to him* I haven't done this in 13 years.... since the death of Red.

Blaze: He...

Professor Oak: That's right, he became the greatest pokemon trainer in the world. Showing love and compassion to those who lacked it. But he was killed in a fiery blaze caused by Team Rocket, he only died because he was saving his pokemon. That's why they now stay with me.

Blaze: But why are you telling me this... I knew this already.

Professor Oak: I refused to take any other trainers under my wing. But from the looks of that Poochyena, pokemon take a natural liking to you Blaze.

Blaze: ....

Professor Oak: *Tosses Blaze a potion* Here, use that on the Poochyena, *holds up the red device* you probably know what this is don't you.

Blaze: A Pokedex... Are you trying to say I should go and be a pokemon trainer?

Professor Oak: The world has fallen under a monarchy ruled by Team Rocket. We can't win by openly opposing them. I need you to go across all of the regions of the world of pokemon owned by them. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova. Become the most compassionate trainer you can, and when you are ready, take down Team Rocket.

Blaze: Why me...

Professor Oak: *Hands Blaze the Pokedex* You're the only one I can trust... Besides... you need a reason to live, don't you?

Blaze: *Heals the Poochyena with the potion* I'll do it. I'll take down Team Rocket.

End of Chapter 1

Look Forward to Chapter 2

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Blaze: Path To Becoming A Master: Chapter 1
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