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 Chronicles of ZX: Chapter 2

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Chronicles of ZX: Chapter 2 Empty
PostSubject: Chronicles of ZX: Chapter 2   Chronicles of ZX: Chapter 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 4:00 am

(This is a Naruto fanfic I wrote a while ago, I only wrote two chapters, if you want me to continue it, please post in here, i'll gladly continue it)

Chapter 2: The Pact of Blood

Narrator: After the mishap of yesterday, ZX, Raikurai, Mako and Yuki meet up at the gate exiting their village.

Raikurai: Hell Ya! Our First Mission!!!

Mako: Calm down...

Yuki: But how, we are both so excited ^_^

ZX: Well its true we can be excited but we gotta be focused like Mako... just... not too focused, anyways... lets go.

Raikurai: About Time!

Narrator: The four of them start walking down a narrow dirt path surronded by tall trees that cast a dim light on top of them. The trees cover up the sky so vastly that only skirmishes of light reach the ground.

Yuki: ahh.. nice and peaceful... *keeps walking*

ZX: ... *keeps walking but looks serious*

Raikurai: *looks at ZX* Sensei whats wrong...?

Mako: ... you sense them too...

ZX: .... yes

Narrator: ZX suddenly jumps up into the air and flips onto his side still spinning in the air as four massive swords come flying at him and they miss him by flying below and above him.

ZX: *Lands on the ground and makes hand signs* Kuchiyose: RaikĊ Kenka

Narrator: Suddenly black lightning shoots from ZX's body in the form of a spiked dragon and slams the trees around him in all directions. Three people jump from the wreckage of the trees while the lightning is still pooling from ZX.

Person 1: *Takes out a sword and makes hand signs* Sokuyro: Keisho Nekumaru

Narrator: The person fuses with his sword making it turn into a ten foot behemoth and starts spinning around creating a tornado directly at ZX.

ZX: Mako, shoot a water bullet to the left, *Continues making hand signs*

Mako: *Jumps up and makes hand signs* Suiton: Mizurappa

Narrator: A massive violent wave of water shoots out in the form of a spear and slams through a tree, the water behind the tree turns into a pool of blood that slams out in all directions.

ZX: One down, *Ducks on the ground and propels his whole body towards the tornado*

Person 1: *Collides right into ZX and suddenly the tornado disperses* UGH, *Spins around and tries to kick ZX*

ZX: *Grabs his foot with both his hands and grips onto it* *Flips into the air more and grabs the person by the neck*

Person 1: SHIT *Reaches for the kunai in his pocket*

ZX: Too late... *Makes another hand sign and the black lightning on his feet shoots into a jet of firey black lightning and propels them down*

Person 1: *Grabs the kunaii and raises it fast towards ZX's neck*

ZX: *Makes the hand sign again and the speed of the lightning boosts to massive speeds* *He slams the persons head onto the ground still grabbing the person by the neck*

Narrator: Suddenly the third person walks into the open.

Person 3: Well that was rather rude....

ZX: *Stands up and wipes the blood from the persons throat off on a tree* Who are you...

Person 3: Oh... me... I happen... to be Zakamaru.... Blood Incarnate....

Narrator: Instantly, Zakamaru rips open his chest and roars with a thundering boom and the bodies of the other two people fly from the ground and go into his body and his body seals back up.

ZX: Your a parasitic creature.... well then.... *reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small black ball*

Narrator: Zakamaru suddenly falls to his knees on the ground. His skin slowly starts to evaporate into thin air, his eyeballs fall onto the ground and melt into the ground. New evil looking eyes similar to that of a puppets appear on his face.

Yuki and Raikurai: *Both Back Up*

Mako: *Walks up next to ZX* We can take him out...

ZX: Mako stay back with Yuki and Raikurai, this guy's using a whole new level of techniques....

Mako: .... *backs up*

Zakamaru: *Rises up* *Half of his skin is completely gone, his heart is fused with the outside of his head and it continues to beat on his head*

ZX: He's become an absolute monster...

Zakamaru: *His eyes have red cracks in them and his pupils have shrunk* *the ground around him raises up and breaks up as his massive chakra shakes the earth in a massive roar*

Mako: .....

Zakamaru: *Raises his hand directly at ZX while the earth is still shaking around him* *suddenly a massive shockwave of pure energy smashes up the earth in front of him and a large beam of energy shoots at ZX*

ZX: Shit, *jumps to the side and the beam of energy just barely misses him*

Zakamaru: LETS GET THIS ON FUCKER! *Starts laughing hysterically and continues launching beams of energy at ZX with both hands while smiling and laughing hysterically with his eyes open up really wide*

ZX: *Keeps jumping and flipping around the beams of energy* *makes hand signs again and the black lightning shoots out of his hands and collides with the energy beam*

Zakamaru: DIE *pushes his hands forward and the beam of energy starts pushing the lightning back*

Narrator: *The very earth around them starts breaking apart, the ground is cracking and the trees around them are slowly deteriorating* *The sky starts turning a dark shade of gray*

ZX: Heh.... *just uses one hand to hold the beam of energy back* You left yourself open....

Narrator: Suddenly the ZX that was holding the beam back explodes making the beam explode as well. It causes the ground to start cracking into the air, trees are blown back in a massive fury of chakra.

Mako: *Shields self with arms* damn.... *braces self on the ground in front of Raikurai and Yuki*

Zakamaru: SHIT *turns around and holds out his arm just narrowly blocking ZX's black sword*

ZX: *Is in the air in front of Zakamaru trying to push the sword into him more* *He looks into Zakumaru's blood ridden eyes*

Zakamaru: WHAT....

ZX: *ZX's eyes suddenly turn blood red and a massive burst of dark chakra sends him and Zakamaru flying forward*

ZX: *Jumps off Zakamaru and just stands there with his hair blowing in the wind and his black coat billowing behind him* Now our real fight begins....

End of Chapter 2

Look Foward to Chapter 3

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Chronicles of ZX: Chapter 2
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