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 Chronicles of ZX: Chapter 1

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Chronicles of ZX: Chapter 1 Empty
PostSubject: Chronicles of ZX: Chapter 1   Chronicles of ZX: Chapter 1 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 3:48 am

Description Of This Manga: Chronicles of ZX takes place in the ninja world, similar to the world of Naruto yet completely different (None of the settings or characters are the same as in Naruto).
This is a fanfic I wrote a while ago, I only wrote two chapters, read them and tell me if you want me to continue writing it. Just a fun side project lol.
(This Chapter Is Mainly Just To Introduce The Characters, The Plot Will Start Kicking In In The Next Chapter.)

Chapter 1: Welcome to the World of Ninja

???: .... Where... what.... *my eyes tried to adjust, the sky was blood red and orange, there were black shadows clashing around me, my vision continued to blur from the left to the right and in and out of focus* This..... *Passes Out*

Narrator: The Event Of Which Have Just Been Told Occurred Nine Years Ago. Laying In His Bed, The Same Man, Now 17 Years Old, Has His Nightmare Once Again.

???: mm.... *tosses and turns in his sleep* *wakes up* .... ugh -_-;

Narrator: A 17 Year Old ZX lays in his bed gazing at the ceiling, tall, jet black hair with stunning green eyes.

ZX: *stands up and yawns* *walks over to his closet* hmm... what am I going to wear today...

Narrator: ZX opens up his closet and takes out a black t-shirt, black long pants that fit comfortable around him and a black coat with a somewhat extended collar.

ZX: *Walks out of his bedroom to the front door of his apartment and slips on his black shoes* *smiles* Time to go meet my team *walks out of the apartment*

Narrator: ZX then hopped off the balcony of his apartment onto the street, bracing himself but putting his palm on the ground when he landed.


Narrator: Suddenly a girl on a bike rams right into ZX and the bike flips over sending the girl flying forward and landing on the ground on her arm.

ZX: oww..... X_X *holds his side* that hurt, hey are you ok?

Girl: Ya... *holding arm*

ZX: No your not, your bleeding

Narrator: ZX walks over to the girl and kneels down and put his hand on her arm. As he does this a black energy comes out of his hand and rolls around her arm gently. The cut slowly seals up and the black energy fades.

Girl: Woah... are you a ninja?

ZX: Yep... I was going to the academy to go meet my three new students


ZX: ....ya...

Girl: Im an academy student! Im going to be a genin today!

ZX: Well then, maybe I might be your sensei *laughs*

Girl: Maybe *laughs along with him and smiles* Well... I have to get going to the academy, bye!

Narrator: The girl gets back on her bike and rides off.

ZX: *Stands up* .... OH SHIT IM LATE

Narrator: ZX started sprinting towards the academy

ZX: OOHHHHH SHHHIITTTTT *jumps over the academy fence into the academy yard and lands near the entrance* ahh.... there we go, just made it on time.

Narrator: He opens up the door to the academy and starts walking down the hallway towards the classrooms.

ZX: *Looks at a sheet of paper* Class.... 721, *Walks over to a door and opens it*

Narrator: *Suddenly a Kunai comes flying out of the room and shoots right by ZX's ear*

ZX: ...


Girl: I-im sorry about that I tried telli- HEY! your the guy from before who healed my arm!

Guy 2: ... *sitting at a desk near the top of the room*

ZX: *sighs* Ya..... eheh.... throwing a kunaii at me isn't the best idea ya know, anyway what are your guy's names.

Guy: Im Raikurai! I like food!

ZX: .... alright, and what about you? *looks at the girl*

Girl: Uhm... Im Yuki... I like the snow... candy... and... stuff *Is acting shy*

ZX: Cool *smiles*, and what about you *looks up in the desks at the other guy*

Guy 2: ... Mako...

ZX: ... alright

Raikurai: you mean emo haha

Yuki: Rai! You baka don't say that about Mako.

Mako: His puny existence doesn't matter to me....

ZX: Well... anyway, *sits down on a desk in the front* I think it's time that I tell you our first mission... as Team Dark.

Raikurai: Woah that sounds so cool!

Mako: Names are pointless....

Yuki: Jeez, stop fighting you two.

ZX: .... right.... anyway we are going to be investigating a certain forest which is rumored to have operations for a bandit base. A simple D-Rank mission.

Raikurai: aawwwwwww D-Rank is too easy....

ZX: .... ya.... *stands up* anyway... we are going to leave in one hour. Everyone meet at the village gate at that time.

The Three Of Them: Yes! *They all teleport off into different directions*

ZX: This is going to be a lonnnnggggg mission.

End of Chapter 1

Look Forward To Chapter 2

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Chronicles of ZX: Chapter 1
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