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 Wings of Darkness: Chapter 1

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Wings of Darkness: Chapter 1 Empty
PostSubject: Wings of Darkness: Chapter 1   Wings of Darkness: Chapter 1 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 3:46 am

Explanation: This is a fanfiction that I made over 5 years ago, I will be updating it with new vocabulary, new lines of dialogue and taking out the typical over-ecstatic anime emotions that plagued it (aka excessive exclamation marks AND HOLY MOTHER OF CAPS LOCK), and will attempt to mold the story into a more concise and well thought out fanfiction. So here we go.


Narrator: The suffocating air plagued the streets in Moscow, families in street corners, mothers selling themselves for money, children pickpocketing on a daily routine to bring food home, with the economy in ruins and the nation in the depths of internal conflict, it seemed hopeless. We find ourselves observing a military research camp in Moscow, in a small white tent out in the harsh blizzard.

Corporal Vin'bruten: *walks into the tent* Private, why am I not seeing results on the most recent experiment. You've been trying to make these "Angelic Soldier Bases" for the last two months, we're not going to continue funding these bullshit if you don't produce some results.

Private Bradley: It's 94% complete, just please give me at least another week, I swear i'll have it done just please give me that long!

Corporal Vin'bruten: *slams hand on the table knocking pencils over and sending papers flying across his workspace* 48 hours.... You'll answer to detainment if you cannot finish, I don't like wasting my paycheck on a little shit like yourself who likes to tinker with liquids.

Private Bradley: Please please give me a week.

Corporal Vin'Bruten: GET IT DONE!

Private Bradley: *gulp* Yes sir...

Corporal Vin'Bruten: I expect to see results by then... Have a good night *walks out*

Private Bradley: Fuck, this wasn't supposed to happen, there's still a component missing in the equation, I just need one more chemical and I can't find it, god damnit how am I going t-

Narrator: Suddenly Private Bradley hears the screams of scientists and military officers alike as they are gunned down outside by unknown foes.

Private Bradley: *Hides underneath a table* What the hell is going on... *Grabs the vial from the table above and puts it into a small metal box underneath and he slides it to the other end of the room underneath a pile of large boxes* They can't find the serum... If the Americans find it, everyone in Russia will be ki-

Narrator: Private Bradley was silenced by a bullet to the head from a member of a covert american operation which was meant to sweep exterior russian military operations and collect data... They were successful in retrieving suspected samples of nuclear weapons... and didn't realize that the small vial they took contained one of the greatest mysteries that has ever been known to mankind. The Angelic Serum was lost in the record books and tossed aside and was never researched by american scientists ever again...

Chapter 1: Innocent Darkness

Narrator: Tokyo, Japan in the year 2017 at the newly built Museum of War History, at the top floor in the 4 story museum, the windows are glistening with the sepia tint that compliments the blue sky outside creating a unique group of colors that shadow the ground.

Nenshou: *sighs* How long do I have to watch this museum tour about the damn cold war, B-O-R-I-N-G A-S F-U-C-K, *sighs* well there's only another hour before I get to go back to my home. Damn school sponsored field trips, I just want to get my work done and go home.

Narrator: Nenshou Iyoku, a 16 year old prodigy who grew up for the majority of his life on his own, his parents traveled abroad and were pursuing a love life in Europe, while Nenshou was the undesired child, and was sent checks with money every month by his parents, the checks were enough for him to be able to maintain a wealthy lifestyle, but Nenshou felt he had no use for the money, and simply lived by himself in a small apartment in a complex near the museum and the school that he went to.

Nenshou: *Keeps walking around the museum in the Cold War exhibit with the rest of his class in front of him. He notices a small metal box in the corner of an exhibit* Hmm.... maybe there's something interesting in there... *Walks over to it and picks it up quickly and hides it in his interior jacket pocket. Fuck this, i'm getting out of here.

Narrator: Nenshou waited until his class turned the corner and then he took off into the elevator, riding it down to the lobby and jogged out of the museum, his hands on the straps of his backpack in front of him.

Nenshou: Later...

Narrator: After a short 15 minute jog down the edge of the highway he slid down a dirt covered knoll onto the driveway of his apartment complex, he jogged up the stairs and unlocked his apartment, which was bland, barren and without much decoration, there was only a couch, a television, a kitchen with a fridge and a microwave, and a bedroom with a bed, several posters, a small closet and a chemistry table. There was also a small bathroom with a shower in his room.

Nenshou: *Opens the box* ... It's a vial, I've never seen anything like this before, this liquid looks like liquid mercury... I better get on gloves, this would have been a total waste if anyone else had found this... I love chemicals so fucking much.

Narrator: Nenshou put the vial on a stand and went to one of his drawers and put on a pair of latex gloves and went over to the table and started to analyze the sample, carefully probing around and looking at small samples in slides under microscopes, he works on it for about three hours as the sun starts to go down. It is sunset when he finally finishes looking over the sample.

Nenshou: This sample was made over 70 years ago... How has it preserved this well... Why didn't they complete it, the finishing ingredient is extremely simple, I still don't know the purpose of this experiment though... It is completely baffling me.

Narrator: He reached into his supply closet and pulled out a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Nenshou: Now... let's see what happens when I complete the serum. *Pours some of the rubbing alcohol into the serum*.

Narrator: Suddenly the vial explodes in a cloud of black smoke sending Nenshou careening into his wall, he starts to see a figure emerge in a pile of goo from the floor, it shapes into a manlike figure with long black wings that is still covered up by the smoke. The man speaks.

???: Where am I...

Nenshou: What the hell...

???: *looks at Nenshou* Did you create me?

Nenshou: Apparently yes.

???: In my DNA, it says my name is Creation #0. A beta of sorts...

Nenshou: Right... so other than that, do you know anything about yourself?

???: Nope...

Nenshou: I'm going to call you Myou Sangai. Simply because I don't feel like saying Creation 0 over and over again.

Myou: ....

Nenshou: Just... don't screw up my apartment more than you already have.

End of Chapter 1

Look Forward to Chapter 2

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Wings of Darkness: Chapter 1
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